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Search for emails using keywords, find real emails for your leads, validate email lists & collect emails from the web

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LeadVantage is a FREE addon for Google Chrome that helps you find real email addresses in various ways: search for emails using keywords, discover real email addresses for your leads, validate lists of emails and collect emails while surfing the web.

All emails can be saved into a CSV file which you can open in any spreadsheet application.

LeadVantage features

How LeadVantage works

LeadVantage is a Chrome extension that does multiple things: it extracts email addresses corresponding to keywords from websites, it finds real email addresses of people using their names and domain, it validates given emails and it collects those from websites

It is running specific searches on a search engine and constantly collecting results or by collecting email addresses in the background while you browse websites.

Find the real email addresses of people involves generating multiple potential email addresses based on patterns and then checking each one if it actually exists or not.

Are you a business and need premium features?

LeadVantage is a great tool for many types of professionals or normal individuals who approach people through emails: recruiters, sales managers, OSINT investigators and even individuals who are prospecting for job applications or to find contacts for a service.

LeadVantage offers multiple subscription plans, from free to paid, to fit your needs, depending on how many email addresses you intend to find/validate each month.

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